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No-one panic!
weird, willy wonka
Alright, so before you all panic, yes, I have written today, but I can't post it. Not because of faulty electrics, but because I reckoned it would be absolutely cool if I were to include a little joke or two about my favourite webcomic of all time, So I did, but I also realised that, if I'm sending James and Julia to Coffee of Doom, and having them meet and talk with the QC characters, It'd be only polite of me to ask Jeph's permission first. I've sent him an email, and thus far there has been no reply, therefore, there has been no update. If you want to bother him for me, he's here on LJ, as qcjeph and his contact page (on his site) is here, Bother him, if you want to see my update, but be nice, because he's awesome. And if you've got time to trawl through all 1542 comics, they're well worth it. It only took me a week to read them all, and he updates every day :D My total word count so far is 41,726.


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