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weird, willy wonka
Well, I'm still on target. I can say that much that's good.

I went to a librarian dinner today. It was pretty cool, I met a couple of the other volunteers, and we had meeet. Rachael insisted on sitting me nest to a year nine called Celine, who seems to be slightly smarter than the rest of her group, except for liking Twilight. We argued about that until forced to call a truce. I told her we'd continue the argument in ten years and se who around us knew what we were talking about. (no-one will) but other than that, we got on OK, and our musical tastes actually overlapped a little which is not normal. I generally try to keep as far away from mainstream as humanly possible, unless the song has some amazing redeeming feature, like actually being good. I'll tell ya something - don't happen often.

Anyway, story. 45,147 words.

And LJ cut's still not working, so rather than post the whole thing in the normal space, I'm going to deprive you, and you can email me and beg for it.

OK, don't beg, just say you want to see it and I'll be nice o you and email it across.

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I'll beg / say I want to see it once I've caught up on the previous bits :P
I've fallen behind D:
But my word count is beginning to look a little less depressing. Which is nice.

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